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Surge Protection Installation Service

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5 Years Labour Warranty


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    Surge protection service

    Average Homes Have $15,000 Worth Of Assets To Protect

    If you live in or around Sydney, then you know all about the weather here. Unpredictable storms and ferocious lightning strikes can pose major risks to homes and businesses, causing damage of all kinds; including those from blackouts.

    AT HQ Services, we’re here to help prevent the massive electronic damage that can accompany a blackout or power serge. Our Sydney team of electrical specialists can assess your location, needs and offer customized solutions for reliable surge protection built in your switchboard from:

    • Lightning strikes
    • Utility switching
    • Switching electronic motors
    • And more…

    Clipsal MX9SP340 | MAX9 SPD 3P 40kA Surge Protection Device

    Clipsal Surge Protectors

    Discharge Capacity

    The maximum discharge capacity of 40kA (8/20μs)

    Uniform terminal heights

    Uniform terminal heights and modular size enable neat and efficient installation

    Australian Made

    Highest Quality

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    When you need quality electrical work in Sydney, give our team a call. Our highly experienced team is standing by to help you power on.

    Surge Protectors FAQ

    Sudden increases in voltage that substantially exceed 240 volts are known as a ‘power surges.’ These surges can have devastating effects on your wiring and all of your electronic devices and microchips, and can even lead to electrical shortages and fires. Computers, microwaves, phones, televisions, and other appliances can be strained, compromised, and even destroyed.

    While lightning strikes are a natural form of a power surge, they can also be caused by issues such as faulty wiring, downed power lines, damaged transformers, and heavy-duty appliances like refrigerators.

    Toggling high-power electrical appliances or equipment can be very demanding on your wiring, and a surge may occur.

    Electrician Testing Surge Protectors

    When our clients hear the term ‘surge protectors,’ they often think of the multi-outlet power boards you can buy at just about any store. When we use the term, however, we’re referring to something much more heavy-duty: a surge protector for your whole home or office building. This protects all of your appliances, devices, and wiring in the event of a power surge.

    Wired directly into your switchboard, a whole-home surge protector catches any surge before it has a chance to travel through more of your wiring, mitigating any damage.

    Surge Protectors Diagram