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Power Points Installation Service in Sydney

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    Power Points Service

    Power points are important, yet many homes and businesses (especially older ones) don’t have enough to properly service the property and the needs of those who reside or work there.

    In today’s modern world we have more appliances and gadgets than ever before, all of which require power points to charge and operate them. In other cases, outdated power points may not be set up to handle appliances, utilizing double but not triple-prong outlets.

    At HQ Services our team of electrical specialists offers a wide range of services, including power point repair, upgrade and installation all around Sydney.

    Supply & Install Packages

    Clipsal Iconic Double Power Point with Dual USB Charger

    Clipsal Power Point With USB Ports

    Patented Current Management Technology

    They also include patented current management technology, which reduces the output current to help prevent overheating and minimising charge times

    USB Chargers

    USB chargers have a patented rotatable head for easy reorientation.

    USB Charging Mechanisms

    USB Charging Mechanisms devices incorporate over-current and overtemperature protection and are capable of withstanding persistent short circuit conditions, making them rugged, robust and reliable.

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    When you need quality electrical work in Sydney, give our team a call. Our highly experienced team is standing by to help you power on.

    Power Points FAQ

    Although power points may not seem complicated, anything dealing with electricity can be dangerous. 

    Not to mention local residents and businesses need to ensure they stay in compliance with local Sydney building codes.

    Call us today for reliable, professional and affordable power point installation and upgrades.

    Electrician Installing Power Point

    Older power points may not be equipped to safely handle the needs of your growing family or business. 

    Overpowering old outlets with appliances or using aftermarket adapters may pose a fire risk. 

    Our team can quickly and efficiently upgrade your power points to fit your individualized needs, including upgrades to handle heavy-duty appliances or even “smart” power points and switches connected to Wi-Fi or those that include USB plugs.

    Electrician Upgrading Old Power Point

    We offer a variety of solutions for your power point woes. 

    Do you find that outlets in your home don’t receive power or trip often? We can take a look at the wires and see if you are eligible for repairs instead of a full replacement. 

    Do you not have enough power points available? 

    We can add new wiring and new outlets or upgrade your current outlets to offer more plug-ins. In areas of high electrical use, we can do both to help more efficiently distribute your power and clean up all the cords.

    If you choose to upgrade or install new power points, we can also walk you through the options available to see what works best for your home.

    Electrican Replacing faulty Power Point