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PIXIE smart home Installation service in Sydney

Make your home a smart home with HQ Service’s huge range of PIXIE smart home hardware. Save energy, control lights, fans and garage doors all from the comfort of your lounge.

5 Years Labour Warranty
HQ Services Van

5 Years Labour Warranty


    PIXIE Smart App

    The Pixie Plus App is smart enough to control multiple home locations.

    With the Pixie Plus App you are able to:

    • Control Individual Lights
    • Control A Group Of Up To 32 Pixie Devices At Once
    • Schedule Your Lights
    • Create Preset Lighting Scenes
    • Countdown Turn Off Timer
    • Pixie RGB LED Strip To Music
    Smart Home Supported Brands
    PIXIE smart home app

    Raise the IQ of your smart home

    PIXIE Plus Smart Home App

    Remote Control Button

    DIY battery powered remote control for mimc control or scene control of any and all PIXIE devices. Ideal when running cables would be challenging.

    Sensor & Relay Controller

    Control larger electrical loads like pool pumps and gain access to simple scheduling, and out of home control and monitoring

    Bluetooth® Mesh Booster

    DIY plug and play bluetooth mesh booster extends PIXIE range outdoors and in larger homes for stronger signalling and improved performance in some homes.

    Interfacing Module

    Using the interface module connect your security system and your PIXIE smart home together. Turn on all the lights when the alarm goes off and shut the house down when the alarm is armed.

    Smart Timer Module

    Recall scenes and automatically have them timeout under certain circustances to save energy or change up the mood after a pre-determined time.

    Interfacing Module

    The interfacing module allows other systems like professional audio visual systems take control of your PIXIE smart home too.

    Sensor & Relay Controller

    Sensor control customisation. Decide how and when your 3rd party, 3 wire movement sensors operate with 3 modes – automatic, manual, disabled.

    PIXIE Accessories

    pixie remote control buttons

    Remote Control Button

    A simple solution which is Ideal for in-car control on approach to your home, applications for disabled people and outdoor entertaining areas where running cables is challenging but control is still desired.
    Pixie Bluetooth Mesh Booster

    Pixie Bluetooth Mesh Booster

    For larger homes or longer distances this DIY plug and play booster is simply plugged into any USB mobile phone charger, or USB port on modems, routers, TV’s for a super simple way to boost your in-home Bluetooth® signal.

    Pixie Interfacing Module

    Interfacing Module

    Experience complete home automation. Make your home even smarter with the interfacing module. Integrate your PIXIE home to legacy home automation systems, audio visual systems and security systems.

    Pixie Sensor & Relay Controller

    Pixie Bluetooth Mesh Booster

    Make your dumb sensors smarter and control devices with larger electrical loads like pool pumps and floodlights. Any 3 wire sensor can now be provided automatic, manual and disbaled modes to make your home smarter.
    Pixie Smart Timer Module

    Smart Timer Module

    This highly specialised module allows even more energy savings fine tuning and timing for non-timer enabled devices, timing out groups and timing out scenes throughout your smart home, inside and out.
    Pixie Multiway Switch

    Multiway Switch

    Renovating and got a long hallway or staircase with light switches at each end for controlling the lights? This PIXIE multiway switch keeps this control unchanged with nothing new to learn AND and adds a whole lot of smarts to your home too.


    When you need quality electrical work in Sydney, give our team a call. Our highly experienced team is standing by to help you power on.

    About PIXIE


    Dimming Lights
    Set the mood throughout your home, inside and out.

    Switch Appliances & Fans
    Switch appliances, lighting, pool pumps, heaters, blinds and more.

    Save Energy – Create Timers
    Save energy by creating automatic timers on all appliances, lights and fans.


    Schedule Everything
    You choose how automated your home is to enhance your living.

    Groups and Rooms
    Simplify control by slicing your home into rooms for fine tuning.

    Scene and Moods
    Set your home to meet your mood with a single button press instantly.


    Tap the Wall Plate
    Nothing to learn. Its what you’re used to doing, just smarter.

    Touch the Mobile Device
    Full control of everything from anywhere with any device.

    Talk to Your Home
    Choose from 4 popular voice assistants which best suit you.


    PIXIE is created to fit into your home’s decor and simple wiring saves you time and money.

    PIXIE is compatible with the widest variety of wall plates and was designed to fit well with Australian wiring practices, so you can easily replace your current light switches with PIXIE smart ones.

    PIXIE smart home products in home
    PIXIE smart home products in home with bluetooth


    PIXIE is created to fit into your home’s decor and simple wiring saves you time and money.

    Create schedules, timers, scenes, and other features to tailor your smart home to your preferences.


    You can get started with your PIXIE smart home by swapping over a single PIXIE smart dimmer in your favourite room.

    Add more devices to include every bed, lamp, gadget, and blind, both inside and out, when you want more control.

    PIXIE smart home products in home