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Lighting Installation & Wiring Service in Sydney

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    Lighting Service

    Proper lighting in your home or business can have a dramatic impact on the space. From accentuating designs to providing ample light for work and daily activities, The right lighting can make a world of difference.

    At HQ Services we provide expert light installation and light switch wiring services Sydney residents can count on. Our licensed team of industry professionals can help you find and install the perfect light, or update switches to best suit your needs.

    From small and simple projects to large and complex wiring solutions, our team is ready and capable to help. Call today to find out why so many Sydney residents trust us for light installation and light switch wiring services.

    Supply & Install Packages

    SAL Wave 9W Tri-Colour Dimmable LED


    Constant current trailing edge Dimmable LED Driver

    Two Styles

    Stylish white powder coat finish, with an optional satin nickel trim ring (S9141SN/RING) available.

    Choose Your Light Colour

    Easy selectable colour temperature with an inbuilt DIP switch, 3000/4000/5700K

    High Efficiency 9W

    High efficiency SMD LED chips

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    When you need quality electrical work in Sydney, give our team a call. Our highly experienced team is standing by to help you power on.

    Lights FAQ

    At HQ Services we work with homeowners, business owners, property managers, remodeling and construction companies, designers and architects to provide superior light installation and light switch wiring services custom-tailored to the end user’s unique needs, style and design preferences.

    Types of Light Installations and Switches we commonly work with include:

    • Dimmer switches
    • Smart switches (Wi-Fi enabled)
    • Ambient lighting
    • Recessed or track lights
    • Chandeliers and pendants
    • Wall sconces and wall lights
    • Under-cabinet and vanity lighting
    • Accent lighting
    • Recessed and spot lighting
    • And more…

    No matter if you need work done on new construction or are looking to update or upgrade an existing home or business, our team can help.

    While our expert electricians will take on just about any project you can throw at them, we have to admit our favouritism for Downlights. Downlights offer a sleek, modern feel with low profile lighting and high area coverage. Halogen downlights are the classic option, but energy aficionados and safety experts have worked tirelessly to create LED alternatives for a lower utility bill, higher energy efficiency, and safer functions.

    Halogen lights operate 300-500 degrees celsius and can turn into a serious fire risk; the more you have, the higher the impact on your heating and cooling, safety, and energy bill. If you already have halogen downlights, our friendly staff would love to work with you to upgrade your home to LED.

    Halogen vs LED Lights

    We often take safe wiring for granted, but professional wiring that is up to code and installed to safety perform for years is a necessity.

    Poor wiring can lead from something as innocuous as overages on your electrical bill, to more dangerous consequences, such as house fires. Working with electrical wire is also dangerous, as live lines can lead to serious injury.

    To ensure that your wiring is up to code, only let licensed, professional electricians like the team at HQ Services handle wiring work. We can install new wires or replace wiring, depending on your needs.

    Light Wiring