Our Safety Switches Installation Service

Safety Switch Installed in Switchboard by HQ Technician
Safety switch installed by HQ Services.

Safety switches are essential for the wiring in your Sydney home. Not only are they compulsory by law, but they also dramatically increase the safety of your home and reduce residential electrocution accidents.

  • What are safety switches? 

  • Often confused with circuit breakers, yet meant to be used in conjunction, safety switches constantly monitor the flow of power in your home. When an issue, or power leak, occurs, they snap the flow within milliseconds in order to mitigate any damage or injury.

    Circuit breakers trip when the power system is overloaded; Safety switches trip when enough power leaks through to cause a hazard to humans. In other words, circuit boards protect equipment, while safety switches save lives.

    You deserve to be comfortable and safe in your own home. Safety Switches help make that possible. Contact our Sydney team today to learn more about our safety switch installation services and why so many local residents trust HQ Services to protect their family.

  • Troubleshooting Safety Switches

  • Homeowners may notice nuisance trippings increase with safety switches. A Nuisance Trip means that the switch is constantly cutting the flow of power without a valid or necessary reason to do so.

    You don’t need to call an electrician right away; all safety switches have a user-friendly test function that you can try, first. At the switchboard, find and press the "T" or "Test" button located on the safety switch, then watch:

    If it flicks off and cuts the power, it is working properly. Any lights or appliances that turn off during the test are protected by that switch.

    If it has not cut the power to the connected circuit, then you are not protected. You need to call our team quickly and set up an appointment to resolve the issue before serious injury occurs.

Keep Safe and Power On

Safety switches have been compulsory across Australia since the early 1990s; however, not all homes were upgraded to match the new laws. Electrical accidents and deaths were drastically reduced after the legislation passed, so you can see why you need to know you are protected! Call our friendly office staff today, and we can set up an inspection to ensure your home is properly protected.

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