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HQ Technician Upgrading and Installing Switchboard
HQ Technicians upgrading switchboard.

How often do you think about your switchboard? Likely not very often, yet your switchboard is the main hub of your electricity, where safety switches and circuits meet power supply and distribution.

Few home and business owners spare a single thought for their switchboard outside of the occasional blown fuse, blackout, power surge or storm.

HQ Services would like to remind you that a well-maintained switchboard is imperative for your home or business’s safety. Old, outdated, damaged or poorly maintained switchboards can lead to fire risks and constant trouble with unsafe fuses.

Our licensed and talented electricians are trained in switchboard efficiency, upgrades and reliable installations that last. We can repair, inspect, install, and upgrade switchboards to ensure your property runs efficiently.

  • When to Upgrade or Replace a Switchboard

  • It helps to stay ahead of the game. Many of our clients ask, when do we know when to upgrade or replace a switchboard?

    While you want to have a professional opinion as to the final say, you can watch for the following signs of an outdated switchboard:

    • Lights flickering constantly
    • Fuses are frequently blowing and being replaced
    • You install new appliances and need better power distribution
    • You hear buzzing or other noises from the power box
    • You still have an old ceramic switchboard

    Electrical standards for safety are constantly changing as better options become available. If you haven’t had your switchboard inspected recently or if you notice any of the above problems, give our office a call and set up an inspection with a highly-skilled electrician.

Power On Safely with HQ Services

As a home or business owner, you want what’s best and safest for your property. Switchboards are often overlooked, but they play a key role in your electricity and fire safety. Let’s flip the switch for better power, together. Call our friendly office staff today to set up a consultation or safety inspection!

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